Spotify’s Car Thing Will Become E-Waste: No Refunds or Replacements

Spotify, known for its music streaming service, ventured into the hardware market with its Car Thing accessory. However, after a short-lived production period, the company decided to discontinue the product, leaving customers with a useless device by the end of this year. Unfortunately, Spotify is not providing any subscription credits or refunds for the Car Thing, nor is it making the device’s specifications open-source.

In an FAQ on Spotify’s website, the company stated, “We’re discontinuing Car Thing as part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our product offerings.” Although disappointing for owners, this decision allows Spotify to focus on developing new features and enhancing the overall user experience.

Spotify is advising customers to perform a factory reset on the Car Thing and responsibly dispose of the hardware. The company acknowledges that there are no plans for a replacement or new version of the accessory in the foreseeable future.

The Car Thing, initially available on an invite-only basis, gained attention for its design and functionality. However, it primarily served as a remote control for Spotify on mobile phones rather than a standalone player. This limited its appeal, although it did develop a niche community.

As of December 9th, the Car Thing will cease to function, leaving customers with an e-waste problem. While Spotify’s decision aims to optimize its product lineup, it may disappoint those who invested in the accessory without any recourse for compensation or a replacement.

With the Car Thing’s discontinuation, Spotify is signaling its commitment to focusing on software and improving the user experience rather than pursuing hardware endeavors. Only time will tell what new developments and features Spotify will bring to its streaming platform in the future.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el Car Thing de Spotify:

1. ¿Qué es el Car Thing de Spotify?
El Car Thing es un accesorio de Spotify diseñado para su uso en vehículos.

2. ¿Por qué Spotify decidió descontinuar el Car Thing?
Spotify decidió descontinuar el Car Thing como parte de sus esfuerzos para simplificar su oferta de productos y enfocarse en desarrollar nuevas características y mejorar la experiencia del usuario.

3. ¿Cuándo dejará de funcionar el Car Thing?
El Car Thing dejará de funcionar el 9 de diciembre.

4. ¿Spotify ofrece algún crédito de suscripción o reembolso por el Car Thing?
No, Spotify no ofrece créditos de suscripción ni reembolsos por el Car Thing.

5. ¿Puedo obtener las especificaciones del Car Thing?
No, Spotify no está publicando las especificaciones del Car Thing en código abierto.

6. ¿Habrá una versión de reemplazo o un nuevo Car Thing en el futuro?
No, actualmente no hay planes para una versión de reemplazo o un nuevo Car Thing en el futuro.

7. ¿Qué se recomienda hacer con el Car Thing ahora?
Se recomienda realizar un reinicio de fábrica del Car Thing y disponer adecuadamente del hardware.

A pesar de la discontinuación del Car Thing, Spotify se compromete a seguir mejorando su plataforma de transmisión de música y enfocarse en el desarrollo de software para brindar una mejor experiencia al usuario.